15 Types Of Uncles In Black Families

We established that when talking about the black family dynamic, our aunties are the glue of the family. However, we can't forget our uncles too. 

Here are 15 uncles that can usually be found in the black family. Y'all get some love too.

1. Mack Daddy Uncle

Your uncle that had all the ladies back in the day, and he thinks he can still get them. He'll probably try to talk to your friends.

2. Father Figure Uncle

Your uncle that treats his nieces and nephews like his own children. Did something positive with his life and ends up being the family example. Family means everything to him.

3. Preacher Uncle

Your uncle that has dedicated their life to serving the Lord. Everybody asks him to pray over the food. He always asks you when you're coming to church. 

4. Two Stepping Uncle

Your uncle that can hit a mean two step. Dances all night and doesn't even spill his drink. He thinks all the new music that's out is garbage cause he can't get jiggy with it.

5. Crackhead Uncle

Your uncle who does or has struggled with his drug addiction. Everybody just wonders how he got to that point in the first place. 

6. Educated Uncle

Your uncle that went to college and actually finished. Maybe greek. Is doing well for himself and his family. Loves giving advice and trying to be motivational. 

7. Baller Uncle

Your uncle with all the coins. Lives in the real bougie suburbs. Every time you come over, he's telling your parents about his latest vacation.

8. Ex-Con Uncle

Your uncle that's been in and out of jail. This time he's doing well because he found religion, read The Autobiography of Malcolm X and is on a conscious wave. 

9. Thug Uncle

Your uncle that's been hood his whole life. Openly smokes weed and when saved auntie tries to say something to him about it, he tells her to mind her own business. 

10. Funny Uncle

Your uncle that's always clowning and couldn't be serious if his life depended on it. Everything he says is funny even when he's not trying to be.

11. Drunk Uncle

Your uncle that's always drunk on any occasion. Every time you are around him and his friends, there's a bunch of empty 40 oz cans and cheap liquor.

12. Grill Master Uncle

Your uncle that's on the grill at every family event. His food is often imitated but never duplicated.  Has the complete grill master outfit including the sandals and apron.

13. Enlightened Uncle

Your uncle that's always spreading knowledge and dropping gems. Sometimes his theologies can be off, but you let him live.

14. Republican Uncle

Your uncle that got some money and decided he was too good for the Democratic party. It used to be funny until everybody found out he voted for Trump. 

15. Your Uncle That Still lives with Your Granny

Never moved out of granny's house. Always sitting in the living room with a beer, watching Wheel of Fortune when you come over.

Who are some of the uncles in your family?