17 Types Of Aunts In Black Families

Although everyone's family is different, most of us still have the same type of aunties somewhere in our family. 

Here are 17 different types of aunties you can find in black families. Don't worry, we love them all.

1. The Cool Auntie

Always traveling and brings back gifts. Doesn't have kids so she treats you like her own. She's been with her man for years, but they still aren't married and she isn't pressed.

2. The Bougie Auntie

Went to college and has at least two degrees. Lives in the suburbs and drives a Benz. Married well. Her kids go to private school and really be out here wildin.’

3. The Extra Auntie

Tries to outdo everyone, and is always bragging on her kid's accomplishments. Deep down, she's insecure because her life didn't turn out the way she wanted. 

4. The "Mama" Auntie

Took over as the matriarch of the family when grandma died. She had kids young and never really left home. Makes sure her brothers and sisters are taken care of and well fed. 

5. The Saved Auntie

Only listens to Gospel music. If you spend the night at her house on the weekends, she makes you and your cousins go to Sunday school and service.

6. The Shady Auntie

She calls your mama to tell her the latest family gossip, and somehow finesses your mom out of all of y'all's tea too. She will read anyone for filth so stay on her good side.

7. The "Never Would've Made It" Auntie

She is always going through it, but she loves the Lord and faithfully goes to church. She's always trying to keep her sons out the streets and in the books.

8. The White Auntie

Married into your family. Still hasn't gotten the hang of doing your little cousin's hair so she be looking a mess sometimes. 

9. The Favorite Auntie

Always has the best cookouts and parties. Always calls to check up on you. Can throw down in the kitchen, and makes some bomb sweet potato pie.

10. The Homegirl Auntie

She's usually the youngest aunt. She's cool AF. You can talk to her about all the things you don't want to talk to your mom about. She lets you drink with her.

11. The Out Of State Auntie

Moved out of state for college, and never looked back. You only see her every two to three years. She encourages you to get out of your hometown and see the world.

12. The Successful Auntie

She did everything she said she was gonna do in life plus more. She refuses to age, and is always in a business meeting so don't call her asking for money.

13. The Conscious Auntie

She may have been a Black Panther at one point. She has a Ph.D. and teaches African American Studies. Loves burning incense and smokes a little Mary Jane once in a while. 

14. The "Single & Ready To Mingle" Auntie

Your auntie that is always just getting out of a relationship...and wasting no time trying to get into a new one. 

15. The Auntie That Thinks She Still Got It

Loves pulling out pictures from her early 20s. Loves to dance at the function. She really was pretty back in the day, and she won't let you forget it.

16. The Drunk Auntie

She's always drinking, and the more you think about it, you can't remember the last time you've seen her sober. She's pretty, but life and cheap vodka has taken its toll on her.

17. The Great Grand Auntie

One of the oldest living in the family, everyone's happy she's still alive and doing well. Gets honored at all the family reunions. Loves seeing the whole family together.

Who are some of the aunties in your family?