Everyone Has A Molly: 9 Friends Who You Should Probably Cut Off

Many of us were excited to see the return of the HBO hit, Insecure. What were many of us not excited for? That we should’ve nipped some of our current friendships in the bud a long time ago. 

On the Insecure season premiere, fans voiced their disdain for the lack of support Molly gave her bestie Issa.

Unfortunately, everyone is familiar with toxic friends, so we’ve compiled a list of nine different “friends” you should probably cut off.

This friend is not only around to own your happiness, they also have the unique ability to do the same with your despair. 

The friend who makes everything about themselves.

This friend shows their true colors when the spotlight is on you. They aren’t upset you’re winning, they’re upset it isn’t them.

The friend who never congratulates you on your wins.

There is no reason for someone you consider to be a true friend to associate with someone who you call a foe.

The friend who’s friends with your enemy.

They’ll stop with the compliments and somehow dupe themselves into thinking they’re the originator and you’re the fan.

The friend who tries to duplicate your entire existence without giving you props.

Most of the time, they see the vision, but they’re just fearful that you’ll actually execute yours while they can’t seem to do the same.

The friend who doesn’t support you or your dreams.

You’ll drive cross-country to lend this friend emotional aid, while they refuse to walk down the street to return the favor.

The friend who demands support but doesn’t give it.

They mask their nastiness behind shade instead of being forthcoming about their jealousy.

The friend who throws shade masked behind jokes.

Unfortunately, happiness is not something that can be taught. Make sure that you aren’t internalizing their toxicity and become miserable like them.

The friend who projects their insecurities onto you.

They think because you make it look easy, it should be easy for them as well. You should ghost them as soon as you uncover their intentions. 

The friend in constant competition with you.

To stay jolly, get rid of your