7 Powerful Depictions Of 

The years of inconsistent messages have many millennials redefining their individual beliefs. 

Traditional holidays like Easter are still huge family celebrations for most people who grew up in the Black church. The creative community works to popularize more diverse depictions of Jesus. 

According to Christian faith, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem and crucified in Jerusalem Middle Eastern cities, but popular art often depicts Christ with as European which causes controversy.

In celebration of unapologetic Blackness, here are some depictions of Jesus we can appreciate from other diverse artists.

Oil on canvas 131" x 112"; by Kehinde Wiley (2008).

Lamentation Over The Dead Christ

Art print 8" x 10"; by John Campbell. 

Black Jesus

Christian, Ethiopian art style; by Laura James.


Semi-gloss art poster, 31.2" x 46.9"; by John C. Spain (2017).

Black Jesus

Pencil sketch;

Jesus with Dreads

Stained glass; by John Petts (1964). A gift to the 16th Street Baptist Church after Birmingham, AL, church bombing.

Wales Window

Artwork by Brittany T. Genius


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