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 You Can Visit For $40 Or Less Per Day


Gone are the days when travel seemed inaccessible. Nowadays there are many great flight deals, transportation options & cheap destinations that make it much easier to take that trip abroad.

But don’t let the word cheap fool you. These countries offer tons of value for your money. 

We rounded up countries that offer the best bang for your buck based on factors like accommodation, transportation & of course, food. 

Here are 10 cheap destinations to add to your travel wish list that won’t break the bank.


Mexico has exploded in popularity over the past few years with pictures of cities like Tulum and Cancún taking over feeds worldwide. Anywhere that you can get five tacos for $2 is worth a visit.


Activities include climbing, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. After building up an appetite, daily meals will cost you less than $10 total on average. 


Come for the vibrance, stay for the affordability. The low cost of travel has made Colombia a hot spot. Hostel dorms start at $6, a budget hotel room can be booked for at least $11 per night.


USD conversions make Ukraine one of the cheapest European destinations to visit. Travelers estimated that the average daily cost is under $30 per day, with meals taking up $6 of the budget.

Czech Republic

CR is the cheapest European cities to visit if you’re a beer lover. A pint will cost you $1.50 USD while a traditional meal of meat, sauce, dumplings averages approximately $6 USD.


Money will also go a long way with local bus rides as low as $1 & full meals for $3. If sightseeing is your jam the super cheap fees to multiple attractions will keep your itinerary packed.


This Baltic state bordering Estonia doesn’t show up on a lot of lists which is a crime because this small country is teeming with unspoiled, natural beauty. Daily meals are around $12 to $15.


If you want to try somewhere a bit off the beaten path, this Central Asian country is worth consideration. Transportation is insanely cheap at just $0.20 for a local minibus ride.


Foodies will rejoice at the ridiculously low prices of Taiwan’s street food. For less than $3 you can feast on grilled meats, oysters, rice, or shrimp. Transportation is also very reasonable. 


A dal bhat (traditional lentil curry) is a steal at 100-150 Rupees which is about $2 USD. In fact, food is generally very affordable when purchased from local cafés and teahouses.

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