Thanks to the Women Behind Ski Travel Company Mount Noire, Diversity is Hitting the Slopes

the notion around Black people and snow has been the consensus that we don’t ski.  London-based ski company Mount Noire, is working to bring more Black representation to the slopes.
Following trips with some of her close college friends and avid skiers, Oke and her group bonded over the relatable experiences of the many stares from others while on the ski slopes.
After a ski trip to Chamonix, France back in 2018, Adegboye recalled being asked, “What are you girls doing here, I didn’t know Black people skied?”
“It is very common while traveling as a Black person to be asked to pose in a photograph with strangers,” she explained to Condé Nast Traveler. “That happened a few times on the slopes.”
 in December 2019, ADEGBOYE, OKE AND FRIENDS,  founded mount noire with a mission to “bring color to the mountains” by offering inclusive experiences for travelers to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.
Barnieh shared that the numerous requests for ski trip advice and resort recommendations “highlighted that a lot of people were interested in winter sports.”
“We also recognized that there are other skiers and snowboarders like us out there and thought how great would it be if we could all come together on the slopes,” she added.
The reignited Black Lives Matter protests last summer emphasized how much the outdoor sports industry lacks diversity for Black and people of color.
“When you look at ski magazines or brands, it’s not very often that you see people who are Black or other ethnic minorities,”
Mount Noire is a direct result of this idea that we need more representation and now the company is aiming to disrupt the industry with what they feel is the correct picture we should be painting.
“Mount Noire reminds you that you are welcome in all spaces,” Adegboye shared with CNN, “no matter what your background or heritage is.”
 Mount Noire acknowledges skiing isn't cheap and has a plan to roll out an outreach program to make the sport more accessible to those in lower socio-economic communities.
The startup is following in the footsteps of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) in which they are empowering and inspiring a new generation of young Black people to take up the sport of skiing.

Mount Noire’s goal is to change those “uncomfortable experiences” for Black skiers and turn them into memorable moments all while paving the way for a more inclusive future.