By Kenneth J. Williams Jr.
Published May 1, 2020

Everyone Has A Molly: 9 Friends Who You Should Probably Cut Off

Photo credit: Getty Images

Many of us were excited to see season four of the HBO hit, "Insecure."

But after the premiere, fans on Twitter voiced their disdain for the lack of support Molly gave her bestie, Issa.

So we’ve compiled a list of nine different “friends” you should probably cut off.

friend #1

The friend who makes everything about themselves.

friend #2

The friend who never congratulates you on your wins.

friend #3

The friend who’s friends with your enemy.

friend #4

The friend who duplicates your entire existence without giving props.

friend #5

The friend who doesn’t support you or your dreams.

friend #6

The friend who demands support but doesn’t give it.

friend #7

The friend who throws shade masked behind jokes.

friend #8

The friend who projects their insecurities onto you.

friend #9

The friend in constant competition with you.

When City Girls' JT said, “I ain’t got time for you fake ass h**s,” we should think the same.

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