An Ode To Dessert: Top Restaurants To Get Your Fix

There’s nothing like a good dessert to complete your meal, or to satisfy your late night sweet tooth. 

If you’ve been looking to try some of the best dessert menu’s across the country here are a few restaurants to get your sweet tooth fix.

Chef Ansel shook the pastry world when he created the croissant-doughnut hybrid, Cronut. This crispy, soft and semi-sweet treat is one you have to try.

Dominique Ansel Bakery –
New York City

Pro Tip: Try the Cronut, and note that the flavors change each month. Add on the apple tart, too.

Are you into surprises? Joy’s Cafe is filled with endless dessert surprises, with new desserts popping up daily. 

Joy Cafe – Atlanta

Our favorite is the banana pudding made with Tahitian vanilla, Brulé bananas, homemade vanilla wafers, homemade raspberry preserves, hazelnuts, and toasted meringue.

This Black-owned frozen custard truck brings the razzle dazzle. Options include homemade cinnamon rolls, apple cider donuts and a brownie sundae.

Goodies Frozen Custard &Treats – Washington D.C

Pro tip: Ask for the rum cake sundae with caramel drizzle

This farm to ice cream shop has partnered with local farmers, and even created a small dairy plant in order to keep the ice cream fresh. 

Weckerly’s Ice Cream – Philadelphia

While the ice cream is clearly the reason you visit, the ice cream sandwiches steal the show.

This is a one-stop shop for all thing’s pie. The menu ranges from fruity pies, savory dinner pies, nut-based pies, and even custards.

Petee’s Pie Company – New York City

Pro Tip: Order the crumb pie with vanilla ice cream and thank us later.

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